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The White stripes: The Hardest Button to Button

Lagu yang cocok untuk soudtrack 'merenungkan kembali kelakuan para ponakan, tante, om, kakak sepupu dan keluarga besar.' We started living in an old house My ma gave birth and we were checking it out It was a baby boy So we bought him a toy It was a ray gun And it was 1981 We named him Baby He had a toothache He started crying It sounded like an earthquake It didnt last long Because I stopped it I grabbed a rag doll And stuck some little pins in it Now were a family And were alright now We got money and a little place To fight now We dont know you And we dont owe you But if you see us around I got something else to show you Now its easy when you dont know better You think its sleazy? Then put it in a short letter We keep warm But theres just something wrong when you Just feel like youre the hardest little button To button I had opinions That didnt matter I had a brain That felt like pancake batter I got a backyard With nothing in it Except